Thursday, April 09, 2015

Another Year Mom Gone

Well, April 9 comes again.  The anniversary of my Mom's death.  April 9, 1971.  44 years later.
Still hurts!
Still miss you Mom!
Yvonne Eileen Hammer Westbrook
May 25, 1929 - April 9, 1971

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Saw this Wednesday night with my friend Phil.  Loved it!  So beautiful and sumptuous!!  Very impressed with Vanessa Hudgins.  And Victoria Clark was AMAZING!!  My friend from GODSPELL days Eric Schaeffer directed it.   I got to talk to him during intermission and after the show.  So proud of him! He's really grown and blossomed as a director.
So glad to have been able to see him and let him know.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wearing of the Green....for Jewels! Julie Lanham

I am numb. As I checked my Iphone this morning I saw that my long time friend Julie Lanham "Jewels" died last night in Florida at 10:45PM. She fought cancer valiantly and with dignity and grace. I've known her since 5th grade. She is front and center in this photo, wearing my favorite dark green vest. I'm the fat kid in the green shirt two over. She was so kind, she always said green was good luck and that we both had green on so that bonded us. We also had Marble Collegiate Church in common as her Aunt Helen went there in the 50's and she gave me a copy of a pamphlet her Aunt gave her. I am grateful for Facebook for giving us the chance to reconnect and share photos and memories and likes and the occasional discussion. I am...crushed. But I was reminded that now she is free and reunited with her beloved father. And, I believe, her Aunt Helen. Jewels, now you can go to church with me every Sunday...sitting right next to Aunt Helen. You are, forever in my heart!!! AND...I will check the Florida weather reports so you can giggle at me. Fly free my friend...
We met in 5th grade.
We, as many of us in the photo, all went to school through graduation from Hayfield High or Hayfield Secondary School in 1978.  A rarity with Air Force and Army "Brats".  And...thanks to Facebook we have had a couple of class reunions the past couple of years.  It was wonderful!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Rasheeda Speaking

Saw this yesterday off Broadway with Adam.  Tonya Pinkens and Dianne Weist, directed by Cynthia Nixon.
Good...a big confusing but good.  These two power house actresses work it.
And actress Kathy Najimy was sitting near us.
Thanks Adam!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Moved to the East Side...midtown.  To save money.  Shared space.  Nice enough.  Temporary...till...?

View from the bedroom.  Looks like the Kremlin. Kips Bay Towers.  ugly!  Shades of Rear Window.
Nice guy for roommate.
Plus these two, temporarily.
 Sasha, top.  Suki lower.

Friday, February 20, 2015

On the Twentieth Century

5th row!  Kristin Chenowith made her entrance down our aisle!!
I LOVED it!! Jason Alexander and Bryan Batt sat one row behind us.
Of course, I had the original Broadway Cast recording in my head.  But, this was amazing.  I just wish Bruce Marsh had been with us!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

On the Twentieth Century

Saw these two posters next to each other last night outside the Belasco Theatre where I saw HEDWIG but with Michael C. Hall.
Tonight I see ON THE TWENTIETH CENTURY starring Kristin Chenowith!!  I CAN'T WAIT!
Am going with my friend Vito Caramia.
My co worker saw it the other night and loved it!!
I have been wanting to see this since Bruce Marsh and I used to listen to the Original Broadway Cast recording starring Madeline Kahn!
If ANYONE was meant to play this part it's Kristin Chenowith.  She has the opera voice training and comic timing and chops and beauty to be the successor to Madeline!!

Hedwig and Hall

Saw HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH last night at the Belasco Theatre with my friend Eric Robledo!
He had never seen the movie, which I love.
I wanted to see John Cameron Mitchell, who had finally stepped back into the role he created.
Neil Patrick Harris, Andrew Rennells and Michael C Hall had done the role previously.
I got tickets but then JCM hurt his knee. He took a week off and Michael stepped back into the role.
I was going to wait, but then Eric said he'd never seen it at all so it didn't matter who was in the lead, and I had heard MCH was very good, so we went.
Both of us were VERY impressed!
Eric was really blown away.
I kind of wasn't expecting much and MCH really showed me he has it!!
A very strong singer I had no idea.
I strongly suggest to go see it!!!