Monday, September 29, 2014

Me and Cinderella

I got this pic from my friend who ran the event.  One of their photographers got it. Love it!
And she's smiling.
And you can see my name on the post it next to her!!  :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cinderella and Me

Last night I went up to the Barnes and Noble on 86th and Lexington to the DVD signging of the 1965 version of CINDERELLA.  Lesley Ann Warren, who made a special appearance at the curtain call of the current Broadway version of the show the night before, was there.  Thanks to a friend I got to sit front row! She sang three songs from the show, sounds great, looks great..told some wonderful stories, answered questions, including mine about how the two Cinderella's came together in VICTOR/VICTORIA (she said Blake Edwards brought it up and said he got one Cinderella to do a movie with her top off and the other to run around in neligee, ha).  I got her to sign my copy and told her I would have cast her as the Fairy Godmother on Broadway! She did say she has a possible role in the Spring, stepping into a show.  HOPE!
Thanks to my friend Steve here is me talking to her!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sunday Sunny Sunday

I've been dogsitting in Hell's Kitchen this week.  Took these last night as I walked down by the USS Intrepid and the Hudson Pier Dog Park.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Finally Friday Post Birthday

Well as I get older I celebrate birthday's longer!  Just got this on Facebook from Lisa Griffiths Smith! LOVE

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Walking Around Town Through Time and Back

My friend Bruce Marsh, Christopher, came up yesterday morning and we spent the day and evening together.  I hadn't seen him since 2007 when I was last in LA.  He was in the mid stages of Parkinson's and at that time it was really slowing him down.
He moved back to VA to be with his mother and I moved out here to NYC.
He lived here in the early 80's.
We were besties in college, well my sophomore and junior year.  He was a year ahead of me.
I have shared the story on here of how we went to an acting studio in London and they had their senior show at a small theatre in Hell's area which scared me then...and I told my friend Cathy Krzeczkowski who went with me at the time that I would never live there..and I ended up living a block away when I first moved to NYC.
We went by there yesterday and I took a pic of us.  Funny, 32 years later.
We also walked up to the Upper West Side where he lived on 73rd and Columbus then 76th and Columbus. I remember I visited him there once and was so scared to walk or take the subway.  Now it's safe and it was then as well.  I just let other people's fears be my fears.
And a restaurant he used to work at Mrs. J's, on 72nd, I walk by whenever I go to visit my friend who lives on 72nd and West End.  Funny.
I sat at the bar one night when he worked and it seemed so far removed.
Now, it's closed...but we are still open for business.
I guess what I am learning is that I let my fears and insecurities and doubts rule me for so long...and in some ways I still do.
It's time to let them go!
Seems we spend part of our lives accumulating defects then the rest of our lives letting them go.
It was a good day!!
He's off to visit another friend in Brooklyn today!  Back to work for me.
We walked through Central Park yesterday and saw this woman doing ballet in the middle of the courtyard.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Happy ME Day! 54 Kid No More!

How cool that Google does this.  On my home page.
Today at 11:30-45 Omaha, Nebraska time, it's official.
I AM...enough!
Today I celebrate my life...and Thank you God I'll have another wonderful day!!
Remembering my Mom and Dad Yvonne Eileen Hammer Westbrook and Lt. Col James Wesley Westbrook, Ret.
Miss you both!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

One More Day till I turn 54

Monday I'll turn 54!  Grateful to be alive, sober and in very good health.
Took these at work this past week.
This has been a rough month for me...but I am determined to get back on track and make some changes.
54 hear me ROAR!!
One Day More!!