Friday, August 16, 2013

Morning Glory

I've been staying with my friend Adam this week in Sunnyside Queens.  I took these pics on the way to the subway this morning.
I chose to leave my apt. in the Wall Street area a month early as they are raising the rent and I found someone to take my place.  So, I've been "couch surfing" since Aug. 3.
Cat sat for Robert on Perry Street for a week.
Stayed at Eric's place near Columbus Circle for a weekend as he was in the Hamptons where I could have been had I not been cat sitting. 
Then I came to Adam's for a day, last weekend, then went to Jersey City where I'll eventually be living, for three days.  The couple I'll be living with have a student staying there till the 20th.  They graciously let me stay in their room while they were at their house in Asbury Park.  It gave me a chance to get acclimated a bit.
So I came over to Sunnyside on Wednesday.  I'll be there till Sunday afternoon, then I'll go over to stay with Eric in his new place on 8th Avenue, for 2 days...then...finally head over to Jersey City to settle.
It's been a HUGE lesson for me in going with the flow, asking for help, accepting help and letting go of judgements and fears.  It's actually been quite nice!
Sunday I get to sing in chruch again..the same song I sang two years ago, Shine On Us, but still...grateful and glad to do so.
Grateful and blessed!!

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